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Fife Plan - Housing Development

At the Community Council meeting in the village on December 5th 2013, one of the local councillors stated that Dairsie had a site promoted for further development by Fife Council. This is highlighted in the latest Fife Local Development Plan.

The area in question is the field south of Osnaburgh Court, at the top on its eastern edge. It is proposed that this will be for the promoted development of 10 houses. The rest of the field is still allocated in the plan for future housing.

The Dairsie Community Council are concerned that little publicity seems to have been given to this, a proposal that received some 550 objections only a few years ago,with all comments and enquires to be made via the Fife Plan website by 5th February 2014.

Please let the council know what you feel about the plan.

An Extraordinary Meeting re Fifeplan allocated housing in Dairsie was held in the Village Hall on Thurs Jan 30th. The minutes provide further details.

Around the village

Pitcairn Park (21KB)

Pitcairn Park.

The park is in the centre of the village and the plaque among the daffodils reads "Pitcairn Park Established in 1897 by a generous donation of Mrs. Georgia Pitcairn of Pitcullo. Erected by Dairsie Millennium Committee."

Dairsie Memorial Hall (26KB)

Dairsie Memorial Hall.

The hall was built in 1922 to commemorate those who died in the First World War and is available for hire by members of the community for a variety of functions and receptions.

Dairsie Parish Church (16KB)

Worship in Dairsie.

Following the Union with St John's in Cupar in 2009, the Church is now known as the "Cupar St John's and Dairsie United Parish Church of Scotland". Worship in Dairsie takes place every Sunday at 9:45am and in St John's at 11:45am. The minister of the united charge is the Rev. Jan Steyn.

For further information on services and events in the united charge, including who to contact, please visit the St John's and Dairsie United Parish Church website.

Dairsie Primary School (31KB)

Dairsie Primary School.

The first Dairsie school was about halfway along the left hand side of the lane which runs from Dairsie to Middlefoodie. This was replaced in 1868 with a new school and school house on the site now occupied by the present school. A new school house was built in 1968 (now a private house) and work started on building a new school on the site of the old school house. In 1970 the new school was opened and the old school removed and the ground cleared to create the new playground.